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Caroline and Katherine are eager to hear from you and have you join them on their mission of writing a kinder world where everyone belongs! 

Media & Production Companies:

Caroline and Katherine are award-winning storytellers and intellectual property (IP) creators in the area of children's & family media. Beyond what they have officially published, The Brickley Sisters have a portfolio of properties available to pitch to media companies, producers, and developers upon request. Their properties all touch on timeless yet timely social-emotional learning themes such as kindness, empathy, inclusion, and more, and are built to be developed for television and beyond (merchandise, theater performances, etc.). To learn more, please contact _______. 

Literary Agents & Publishing Houses:

Caroline and Katherine's award-winning picture books have found homes on thousands of bookshelves around the globe. The Brickley Sisters are available for representation as well as to speak with publishing houses interested in working together to bring their stories currently in development to shelves all over. To learn more, please contact _______. 

Schools, Libraries, Bookstores, & Organizations:

Caroline and Katherine have been performing author visits and public speaking engagements at schools, libraries, bookstore, and other organizations for 10 years. They are available to be booked for both virtual and in-person author visits as well as speaking events. Touching upon their experiences with bullying and the brand they built out of them, The Brickley Sisters' events inspire their audiences to use adversity as a fuel for positive change as well as gently reassure children and adults alike that we all have an important story worth telling. To learn more, please contact _______. 



Caroline and Katherine have received coverage for their work on a variety of news stations, podcasts, newspapers, magazines, blogs, and more. They are available for TV, podcast, and print (physical and digital) interviews. To review their press, please click here _____. To learn more, please contact _______. 


Caroline and Katherine are dedicated to creating accessible, enriching, and interactive content and experiences for parents, educators, and more to engage in with their kids. All developed from a research-backed framework created by Dr. Laura Zimmermann of Tech Play Collaborative, The Brickley Sisters' stories, story-based content (music, printable resources, etc.), and experiences (author visits, anti-bullying events, etc.) are enjoyed in thousands of homes, schools, and libraries across the globe and are available to be enjoyed in yours by visiting our Story Shop, Printables, and Events pages!


Caroline and Katherine began writing their own books in elementary school, making their own movies in middle school, launched their first brand for children and families in high school, and published their first picture book in college. In this way, they are firm believers that no one is too young to make an impact in their community and spark positive change in the world. Through reading The Brickley Sisters' stories and attending their events, children are inspired to find what makes them unique and use that to make their own mark on the world (or, as they like to say, book-mark on the world!). Further, children can build their confidence and writing skills at the same time by participating in The Brickley Sisters' Big Hearts Book Club: A virtual bookshelf filled with inspiring stories authored by real kids. To participate, please click here _____.

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