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Present-Day Caroline and Katherine holding Bibli Plushies and wearing their "Always Be Your-Shelf" T-shirts.

Who We Are

Caroline and Katherine are twin sisters, storytellers, coaches, speakers, and anti-bullying advocates dedicated to helping all children (and children at heart!) feel valued, encouraged, celebrated, and included through the magic of stories. 

What We Do

Since 2017, Caroline and Katherine have been developing original stories and characters for children that model important social-emotional learning themes such as kindness, confidence, inclusion, and upstanding. Since then, their award-winning picture books have gone on to find homes on thousands of bookshelves in homes, schools, libraries, and bookstores across the globe. To allow for greater accessibility and engagement, they have produced an assortment of "story-based edutainment (educational entertainment)" that brings their stories to life for their audience and can be interacted with on and offline. Such content includes educational printables, music, toys, costumes, videos, live events, and inclusive international programs for children to take part in based on a research-backed framework developed in collaboration with Dr. Laura Zimmermann of Tech Play Collaborative.

Why We Do It!

Growing up, Caroline and Katherine were the victims of severe bullying and cyberbullying. On some days, the bullying was so bad that they felt fearful to go to school and ashamed to be themselves. When they did not receive help or support from their school, Caroline and Katherine saw the need for greater anti-bullying efforts for young people, and realized that they could use their experiences to help other children also suffering from bullying. They first worked toward this mission by launching an inclusive children's live entertainment business just before their sixteenth birthday, where they portrayed beloved storybook characters such as Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty at non-profit and for-profit events. While these events successfully helped nurture self-confidence and inclusion at more than 300 events throughout the tri-state area, Caroline and Katherine also recognized a need for newer stories that could speak to the experiences of children today as well as cover anti-bullying and SEL themes, which are critical to childhood development. So in college, they built upon their mission by publishing their very first picture book just before their twenty-first birthday: The Blossom Shoppe.


To this day, Caroline and Katherine remain dedicated to creating characters that every child can find a friend in as well as building storybook worlds where every child can feel safe to be who they are and develop the courage to be upstanders. Ultimately, it is their goal that their stories will help children develop feelings of self-worth and competence as well as the belief that we all have the potential to be the pioneers of a kinder world where everyone belongs. 

We Would Love to Work With You!

Caroline and Katherine are always seeking new collaboration opportunities to share new stories and reach new audiences. They are currently seeking representation, and are excited about the opportunity to partner with an agent and publishers to produce more meaningful and engaging books for children that promote kindness, confidence, and inclusion. Their children's stories and characters are also available to be brought to life further through television/film adaptation as well as licensing. If interested in working with The Brickley Sisters, please reach out to them through our Connect page. 

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