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Present-Day Caroline and Katherine holding Bibli Plushies and wearing their "Always Be Your-Shelf" T-shirts.

Who We Are

Caroline and Katherine are twin sisters, storytellers, songwriters, content producers, and anti-bullying advocates dedicated to ensuring that all children feel valued, encouraged, and included through the magic of stories. 

What We Do

Since 2017, Caroline and Katherine have been developing stories and characters for children that model important social-emotional learning themes such as kindness, confidence, inclusion, and upstanding. Since then, their award-winning picture books have gone on to find homes on thousands of bookshelves in homes, schools, libraries, and bookstores across the globe. To allow for greater accessibility and engagement, they have produced an assortment of "story-based edutainment (educational entertainment)" that brings their stories to life for their audience and can be interacted with on and offline. Such content includes educational printables, music, toys, costumes, videos, live events, and inclusive international programs for children to take part in based on a research-backed framework developed in collaboration with Dr. Laura Zimmermann of Tech Play Collaborative.

Why We Do It!

Growing up, Caroline and Katherine were the victims of severe bullying and cyberbullying. A pivotal moment in the shaping of who they were and who they were to become, Caroline and Katherine chose to seek the light in the darkness and use this as a catalyst to develop a brand that works to build worlds through stories where children can go and feel safe to be who they are as well as find the courage to be upstanders.


Through their work as storytellers, songwriters, and content creators, Caroline and Katherine hope to help all children develop feelings of self-worth and competence as well as inspire in them the belief that we all have the potential to be the pioneers of a kinder world where everyone belongs. As is conveyed in every story Caroline and Katherine tell, when we choose kindness in the face of adversity, that is when the most amazing things happen.  

We Would Love to Work With You!

Caroline and Katherine are always seeking new collaboration opportunities to share new stories and reach new readers. They are currently seeking representation, and are excited about the opportunity to partner with an agent and publishers to put out meaningful and engaging books for children that promote kindness, confidence, and inclusion.

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