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A letter to you from Poppy & Posie:


Dear Blossom Friend,

Summer is in full bloom here in Blossom Town! Beneath the bright blue sky, friends laugh and play in Primrose Park, smiling faces fill up every street, and summer flowers grow all around. Everywhere you go, there is fun and a friend to be found.

Summer is one of our favorite seasons because it's all about getting outside, being active, and making memories with family and friends. Since school got out in June, we have been celebrating the special spirit of summer by having lots of wonderful, colorful fun. This week, we stopped by Blossom Town Beach to splash in the waves and enjoy the beautiful sunset. While we were there, we also filmed our music video for "Silly Lily," our newest original song! Come sing and dance along by clicking here.

As summer continues to bloom around us, we wanted to share some of our favorite summer activities with you, to inspire the most, wonderful, colorful summer for you and your family and friends. Take a look at the wonderful, colorful summer ideas below and let us know how you like to celebrate the summer sending us a message here.

Always remember . . . you are BLOSSOM!


🌸Poppy & Posie 🌸


Sing and Dance Along to "Silly Lily" and Poppy & Posie's other Songs

Poppy & Posie's original songs are the perfect way to celebrate the summer through music and movement. The Blossom Sisters' newest hit, "Silly Lily," is an upbeat, interactive song with fun choreography that is specially designed to get your little one active and moving. Sing and dance along to their engaging music video by clicking, here. Inspired by the spirit of this special season, "Silly Lily" will introduce your little one to two new instruments, the ukulele and the tambourine, to cultivate an understanding and appreciation for music. So gather your family and friends, and get silly with Poppy & Posie this summer by clicking here. Make sure to subscribe to their channel while you're there to be notified of every new song they release.

Have a Blossom Picnic

In Poppy & Posie's music video, "Silly Lily," the Blossom Sisters stop by Primrose Park for a special summer picnic. A picnic is a great way to spend time with family and friends over the summer as you share summer treats under a bright summer sky. Make your picnic BLOSSOM by bringing along some of Poppy & Posie's favorite colorful snacks and sharing them with those you love.

  • Cupcake Bouquet: Bake and decorate cupcakes as well as arrange them into a beautiful bouquet to take along to your Blossom summer picnic. To make bringing your bouquet to your picnic a little easier, we recommend assembling the bouquet at your picnic destination, or simply arranging them on a tray to create a "garden" of cupcakes.

  • Poppy & Posie-Corn: Make a big bowl of popcorn and add your favorite pink, blue, and red candies (i.e. M&M's, sprinkles, mashmallows) to turn a plain bowl of popcorn into a vibrant bowl of Poppy & Posie-Corn!

  • Wonderful, Colorful Fruit Cups: Collect fruits of every color of the rainbow, chop them all up into bite-sized pieces, and distribute it all into individual clear glasses. Then, top each one off with a dollop of whip cream and enjoy!

  • Rainbow Veggies: Inspire a love of healthy eating through a rainbow vegetable spread. Arrange colorful veggies side by side on a platter in the order of the colors of the rainbow. For example: Red peppers, carrots, yellow peppers, broccoli/celery, purple cauliflower.

  • Flower Pretzels: With just pretzels, chocolate, and rainbow-colored M&Ms you can make a delicious and colorful snack! All you have to do is melt round pieces of chocolate on square pretzels then place the M&Ms into the melted chocolate to create flower designs. Wait for the chocolate to cool before eating!

Throw a Blossom Birthday Party

Summer is the season of birthdays! Throw a BLOSSOM birthday party inspired by Poppy & Posie and their award-winning book, "The Blossom Shoppe," with the help of Poppy & Posie's special Blossom Birthday Guide. This free, printable guide is filled with fun party ideas from activities, to snacks, and even beautiful decorations that will turn your home into the Blossom Shoppe. Click here to download Poppy & Posie's Blossom Birthday Guide.

Have a Nature Scavenger Hunt

One of Poppy & Posie’s favorite things to do during the summer is get outside and explore the wonderful, colorful world. There is so much to discover everywhere you look! It’s almost like . . . a scavenger hunt!! This

summer, go on a special adventure with the help of Poppy & Posie’s Nature Scavenger Hunt printable activity! This free, printable activity will inspire your little one to spend time outside as well as cultivate curiosity and a lifelong love of nature. As you wander under the blue summer skies with family and friends by your side, check off everything you find. Make sure to take lots of pictures and share them on social media using the hashtag #WonderfulColorfulSummer so Poppy & Posie can see what wondrous treasures you discover! Click here to download and print Poppy & Posie's Nature Scavenger Hunt.

Grow a Summer Garden of Kindness

Encourage kindness this summer with Poppy & Posie's G