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The Friendly Bookshelf

The first book ever written about a bookshelf!

Meet Bibli, a brave little library bookshelf in search of a story about someone like him . . .


Once upon a time, in a library like any other, there lived a little bookshelf named Bibli who carried a BIG question on his shelves: “Could there be a story somewhere about a bookshelf like me?” Bibli is told that bookshelves are supposed to hold stories, not have ones of their own. But everything changes when he meets Cassie, a girl longing for a friend just as much as Bibli longs for a story to relate to. Bibli learns that with kindness, confidence, empathy, and friendship, even your biggest dreams can come true—and that everyone has an important story worth sharing. 


The Friendly Bookshelf is a social-emotional learning (SEL) research-based book and the first-ever picture book about a bookshelf. Written to build self-confidence and self-esteem as well as encourage inclusivity, Bibli’s story empowers children to be brave, be a friend, and always be your-shelf! Readers will be inspired to go beyond the final page of the book and share their own stories, as well as be the pioneers of a kinder, more inclusive world where everybody (and every bookshelf!) belongs.


The cover of The Friendly Bookshelf. Bibli the Bookshelf, a cute talking bookshelf, stands on the bottom of the cover, his friend Cassie, a young girl with big glasses and a ponytail, leans over him. "The Friendly Bookshelf" is written above them in brown letters and the background is light yellow.

Meet the Characters

Bibli the Bookshelf: A cute, animated bookshelf.

Bibli the Bookshelf

Cassie Fable: A young girl with big round white glasses. She wears a striped turquoise shirt and has brown hair that she ties in a ponytail with a yellow ribbon. She holds up a pink notebook that says "Everyone Has a Story"

Cassie Fable 

Ms Grammar, the head children's librarian in Bibli's library. She wears a yellow turtleneck and a pink headband in her brown, curly hair. She wears "ABC" earrings.

Ms. Grammar

What Book-Lovers Are Saying

"A wonderful social-emotional learning read for little ones." 

Common Sense Media

"This is a beautiful story, heartwarming, kind, gentle,

just like the protagonist, Bibli."  


Reader's Favorite

"The Brickleys' sweet and imaginative picture book is the rare title to

anthropomorphize a bookshelf. . . seeing Bibli find a way to share his journey

with the world will inspire kids to look for the significance of their own stories,

as well as recognize those untold narratives in the world around them."


Booklife by Publisher's Weekly

"Its ability to create a story that eventually answers his question in an

unexpected way makes for a tale that provides readers with a gentle message about

representation, being true to who you are, and making space for everyone —

no matter how different they may seem on the outside — to feel included."

 The Midwest Book Review

Book Trailer

The Team

Caroline and Katherine peek out from behind The Friendly Bookshelf picture book.

Caroline & Katherine Brickley

Picture of Daniela Pérez-Duarte, the illustrator of The Friendly Bookshelf. She wears a white button down shirt, has brown curly hair, and is smiling.

Daniela Pérez-Duarte

Image of Laura Zimmermann, the Education and SEL consultant for The Friendly Bookshelf. She has long, straight auburn hair, wears a gold necklace, a black dress and white sweater.

Dr. Laura Zimmermann




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