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The Cover of The Blossom Shoppe Picture Book: Poppy & Posie Blossom, twin sisters and the main characters of the picture book, stand in a white circle surrounded by colorful flowers that gradually fade out to gray. Poppy stands on the left and Posie stands on the right, their arms are linked and they both hold a flower in their hands. Poppy has auburn hair and wears a red dress and Posie has red hair and wears a pink dress.
Gold Moms Choice Award Badge

Self-Esteem. Family. Community.


A multi-award-winning picture book about twin sisters, Poppy & Posie Blossom, and their journey to make their beloved family flower shop belong in their completely gray town. With some magical seeds, colorful dreams, and the courage to be who they are – Poppy and Posie change their entire community for the better and along the way, discover that being yourself is the most magical power of all. 

Book cover of the Friendly Bookshelf Picture Book. Bibli the Bookshelf stands at the bottom in front of a yellow background. His friend, Cassie, leans on top of him with her arms crossed. Around them pieces of paper fly around with drawings of them, Ms. Grammar, and more images that can be found in the book. Above them is written the title "The Friendly Bookshelf" in brown letters.
Gold Mom's Choice Award badge.

Confidence. Friendship. Inclusion.


Meet Bibli: A little library bookshelf in search of a story about someone like him. The Friendly Bookshelf is an inspiring new award-winning SEL-based picture book. Beautifully weaving together messages of friendship, self-confidence, and inclusion in a never-before-seen way, The Friendly Bookshelf draws upon timely yet timeless messages to gently assure children and adults alike that we all have an important story worth sharing.

Caroline and Katherine sit in two yellow chairs beside Bibli the Bookshelf. They hold two copies of  "The Friendly Bookshelf" and in front of them are six more boxes of the book, just delivered!
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