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Inspire Children to Read and Write With Bibli the Bookshelf!


Bibli the Friendly Bookshelf gets children of all ages reading and writing.

When making him a part of your library, school, or home you'll not only inspire a love of stories, but encourage children to write stories of their own to proudly display on Bibli's welcoming shelves.

Help us bring the first round of Bibli Bookcases to life by expressing your interest in purchasing a Bibli Bookcase by filling out the form below. 

Click here to express interest in a Bibli Bookcase:

The New Canaan Library's Review of the First Bibli Bookcase

We are so lucky that Caroline and Katherine Brickley donated a Bibli bookshelf to New Canaan Library to house books written by New Canaan Library's kids. We have a huge group of child authors at the Library—kids who have taken our writing classes or who just love to write in school. Caroline and Katherine's Bibli bookshelf has given them the opportunity to see their own books become part of New Canaan Library's permanent collection, to be read by all members of our community just like any professionally published library book. From the moment we announced that our Bibli bookshelf would be coming, we saw a huge uptick in books written by kid authors. One almost-5-year-old started bringing a new book he'd written every week, complete with library barcodes on the backs. Immediately after our Bibli launch party, when Katherine and Caroline unveiled Bibli, a quiet girl who is often hesitant to share her work co-authored a book with her older sister and emailed it to the Library for inclusion on our new shelf. One girl was so excited to see her work on Bibli that she gave the Bibli shelf a huge hug. It means an immense amount for the kids in our community to see that their work is being taken seriously. They're better, more confident writers for it.  

— Rebecca Fox, Children's Librarian (New Canaan Library)


Photos of the Bibli Bookcase

Who IS Bibli the Bookshelf?!

Cover of The Friendly Bookshelf picture book.

Bibli is the main character of the award-winning picture book, The Friendly Bookshelf. 

His fun and inspiring story is backed by SEL research and has helped inspire excitement for reading, inclusion, and feelings of self-worth in children and communities all around the globe. 


To further the benefits of Bibli's story, Bibli came to life as a Plushie in the fall of 2022!


Cute, cuddly, and comforting, the Bibli Plushie helps children feel comfortable and confident as they read, write, and more. As part of Bibli's Book and Plushie Bundle, it is the perfect gift to nurture lifelong readers and writers and inspire feelings of competence and self-esteem as they grow.


Bibli is so excited to continue his journey making reading and writing fun and showing children their story matters now as a real-life bookshelf!

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