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Our new name and logo are here! 🤩

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Some call us the “Story Sisters”,

The “twins” or “C&K”!

But no matter what “The Brickley Sisters”

Is how we’ll always stay!! 📖💕

Dear Blossom Friends,

As you may have seen on our Friendly Bookshelf page, we have new and exciting plans in store! In preparation for the release of future stories, we will be consolidating all our profiles under one new profile: The Brickley Sisters! We are so excited to continue releasing stories and content under our own names and to continue working towards our mission of helping children feel seen, valued, and included through the magic of stories both as storytellers and sisters.

All news about The Blossom Shoppe (our first book) and The Friendly Bookshelf (our most recent book) will both be a huge part of this page, and we will also be using this one page as a space to share our future stories and content, as well as some more behind the scenes glimpses into author life. So whether you’re a Blossom or a Bookshelf buddy — we hope you’ll come join us on the next chapter of our story!

On Monday we will also be releasing our new website where you will be able to find all our books and content in one place. We’re so excited to share this with you and hope you’re excited, too!

You may be wondering: What will happen to Blossom?! We will be leaving this page up to save all of the content we have posted here. We are so grateful for our journey with Blossom thus far: something we began in college and gave us the opportunity to grow as ourselves and authors as well as meet so many amazing new friends. We will be continuing the Blossom mission, but now, under our own names to better connect with our audience and to make it easier to find all our stories, whether already published or in development. So for all of our future content and updates, please head to our new page tomorrow which will now also be housing all news about The Blossom Shoppe, The Friendly Bookshelf, and all future stories by The Brickley Sisters!

Always be your-shelf! Caroline & Katherine Sisters & storytellers for children (and children at heart! )

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