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Introducing the "Bibli the Bookshelf" Comic Series! 🎉

We are so excited to introduce Bibli's new Comic Series! 🎉 See Bibli's first comic below.

Growing up, our Grandpa introduced us to comics (or as he called them, "The Funnies") and we fell in love with this form of storytelling. We are thrilled to get to continue Bibli's story through this amazing medium (and @danipd_'s, the original illustrator of The Friendly Bookshelf, beautiful artwork). Just like Bibli's story, it is our hope that these comics will not only promote a love of reading and writing in children, but kindness, self-esteem, and other important SEL goals.

There will be a new comic each month through the end of the year, so stay tuned! 💕

And to get a Bibli of your very own, make sure to visit!

Caroline & Katherine

Sisters & Authors


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