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The Real-Life Bibli Makes His World Debut at the New Canaan Library!

Last Thursday was without a doubt one of the most special days in our journey as authors. When writing Bibli’s story, it was always our dream that he would inspire children around the world to share the important stories they carry inside and, one day, he could give children an actual spot on his shelves to proudly display them. Last Thursday marked the first step toward achieving that goal! We are so incredibly grateful that The New Canaan Library is the first library in the world to welcome Bibli the Friendly Bookshelf into their special community — this is such a huge honor and Bibli loves his beautiful home. A big thank you to Rebecca and Marie who made this all possible.

We’ll be sharing lots of special moments from the event in the days to come, but what made us happiest of all was getting to see how excited our community’s young authors were to share their stories with Bibli and put them on display on his shelves for others to read. One child had been waiting nearly a year to do so and had a big stack of stories for Bibli to read (luckily, that’s one of Bibli’s favorite things to do!!).

Thank you so much to all who came to give Bibli a very warm welcome and especially our young authors who shared their stories — your creativity and courage inspire us!! And to those children who didn’t put their story on Bibli’s shelves yet . . . Bibli will always be waiting for you whenever you’re ready! 📖❤️

Always be your-SHELF!

Caroline & Katherine

The Brickley Sisters


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