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Plan Your Own Storybook Character Day!

Hosting your own Storybook Character Day is the perfect way to celebrate books and inspire a love of reading in your classroom or household! 📚

This is a great event to hold either at home with just family or virtually to connect with extended family, friends, teachers, and classmates in a positive way. To host your own Storybook Character Day...

1) Have everyone pick out and bring their favorite book. Come prepared to talk about favorite parts, characters, illustrations, etc.! 2) Have everyone dress up as their favorite character in the book 3) Serve book-inspired snacks like “Pop-Open-a-Good-Book” Popcorn or Gummy Bookworms. (For a virtual party, have everyone prepare one snack inspired by their book to present during the event!) 4) Play book-inspired games like Pin the Page on the Book or Pass the Story!

And those are only just a few! The ideas are endless when it comes to throwing the best Storybook Character Day ever! All you have to do now is set a date and start planning! Make sure to tag us in photos of the festivities!

Have a Blossom Day! Caroline & Katherine Brickley Sisters and Co-Founders of The Blossom Company


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