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Book Nerd Mommy Reviews "The Blossom Shoppe"

The Blossom Shoppe received a wonderful photo and review from Book Nerd Mommy! Read the full review below.

Be inspired by The Blossom Shoppe by clicking here.

“I am so excited to share The Blossom Shoppe by Caroline and Katherine Brickley with you today! It is a whimsically delightful story about twin sisters Poppy and Posie and their efforts to save their flower shop in a town that is grey and lacks creativity. Throughout their journey they learn the power of determination and that by being yourself you not only empower yourself, but can bring "color" and inspiration to those around you. I love the darling illustrations and how throughout the story they slowly gain more color to reflect the change in the town and I love its uplifting nature. To learn more about this book, or to pick up a copy you can find it at @the_blossom_co or It is most definitely one worth looking up! 🌷”

Have a blossom day! 🌸

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