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Celebrating Young Authors at the New Canaan Library With Bibli!

"I am an author. I have lots of stories to tell. They are all important, and I can tell them well! And now you can find them on Bibli the Bookshelf!"

At the end of each day of our picture book writing program, we have the kids say this affirmation with us to uplift and motivate them on their author journeys. It was so special to hear our group at @newcanaanlibrary recite it for one last time last Friday right after receiving their official Author Certificates and placing their finished picture books on Bibli's shelves! Watching children do what they love and create something they are proud of has been such a pleasure, and we are so excited to tour more libraries and schools as we continue to spread the love of reading and writing with Bibli! ❤️

Bibli is the bookshelf that gets kids excited about reading and writing! If you're interested in bringing him and his programming which encourage young authors to find their voices to your school or library, click here.


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