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Happy Author's Day!

Happy Author’s Day! As the co-founders of The Blossom Company, an independent children's book publishing company where stories truly come off the page, as well as the authors of its debut award-winning picture book, “The Blossom Shoppe”, we would like to formally introduce ourselves!

Our names are Katherine (left) and Caroline (right) Brickley and we are 21 year-old twin sisters from Connecticut pursuing our degrees in English at Binghamton University.

Our love of stories was planted at a very young age by our mother, who would read to us every night before bedtime and would sometimes create her very own stories for us (usually on the spot)! She inspired us to try creating stories ourselves and encouraged us in our abilities to do so. Our minds were soon bursting with stories and ideas and our hearts filled with the desire to bring them to life.

Paired with our interests in business and innovation, at 15 years old, our passions culminated in the creation of a princess party entertainment company, through which we had the pleasure of meeting many incredible children and families. Seeing each child’s face light up when they saw their favorite fairytale film character walk through the door was the closest we have ever come to real magic.

It was this experience that inspired us to want publish our own original stories as well as to make it possible for children to interact and connect with the characters they read about in storybooks in a similar way, planting the seed for The Blossom Company. Our vision for The Blossom Company and the mission that it serves is what motivates us each day to work hard so that it will grow!

“The Blossom Shoppe” is our first published picture book, and it tells the story of twin sisters Poppy and Posie Blossom who run a flower shop with their mother in a town that is completely gray and unable to see all that their flowers can do. The book not only follows the Blossom sisters’ journey to transform their town from being gray, resistant, and closed-minded into a place that is colorful, accepting, and open-minded, but it also follows their own journey to transform and blossom into who they truly are.

Much of “The Blossom Shoppe” is inspired by our own experiences growing up such as being raised by a single mother, feeling different, wishing to make a positive change within our community, and having to overcome doubt and adversity to achieve our dreams as well as to blossom into the women we are today!

We are so happy to have been able to publish and share a picture book that covers these important topics, a picture book we know we would have loved having as children ourselves! We hope “The Blossom Shoppe” and its characters, Poppy and Posie, can serve as positive role models for children and inspire children to persevere through adversity, to love and celebrate the things that make them unique, and to have the courage to proudly let their true colors shine!

Learn more about us and The Blossom Company here. Learn more about and purchase our debut picture book, “The Blossom Shoppe”, here.

Thank you all so much for your support!

Katherine and Caroline Brickley

Co-founders of The Blossom Company

Co-authors of "The Blossom Shoppe"

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