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One Year Anniversary of "The Blossom Shoppe"

We cannot believe that exactly one year ago today, just weeks before our twenty-first birthday, our debut picture book, "The Blossom Shoppe", with illustrations by Joanie Stone, was released. It feels like just yesterday the idea for the story of two colorfully-minded sisters who lived in a town that was totally gray blossomed into our minds and we decided to write it down to see where their journey would take them, and where it would take us. And wow! What a journey it has been with the Blossom sisters! This year has been nothing short of an adventure filled with exciting, unforgettable, and, of course, blossom moments. Here are just a few of the amazing things that happened since "The Blossom Shoppe" was published last year:

Just like Poppy and Posie, our journey so far has allowed us to learn and grow as well as to discover all that we are able to achieve when we pursue our dreams and allow our true colors to shine. We know that this journey is only beginning as each day we find new opportunities unfolding along the path beneath our feet, opening like the pages of a picture book, welcoming us to discover, to learn, to dream, and to achieve.

This coming year, we are so excited to continue on our journey in taking meaningful stories off the page to inspire children to become active and passionate readers, encourage children to connect what they read to the world around them, and to make sure each and every child knows exactly how BLOSSOM they are!

Thank you so much to all who have supported us thus far, and we hope you will continue along our journey so we may blossom together!

Katherine and Caroline

Co-authors of "The Blossom Shoppe"

Co-founders of The Blossom Company

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