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Happy June 1st! Meet our Blossom Kid of the Month . . . DJ!

Meet DJ -- our featured Blossom Kid of the Month for the month of June!

(Age 4, Michigan, USA)

DJ is a Blossom Kid who loves trying new things. From playing sports, to cooking and dancing, in DJ’s own words, he is “never afraid to try something new.”

His courage, paired with his energetic and cheerful personality, led him to start gymnastics at the age of 2. At first, DJ had a hard time on the rings: “I couldn't pull myself up and I would fall off after a certain length of time.” But with practice, persistence, and the loving support of his mommy and daddy, DJ was eventually able to pull himself up on the rings!

From this experience, DJ discovered the amazing things that we can achieve when we choose to never give up and keep trying, no matter how hard things may seem at first.

This valuable lesson inspires DJ in each new endeavor he pursues. Now at 4 years old, DJ is continuing to try many new things, including soccer where he has learned about teamwork, kindness, sharing, taking directions, and making new friends: “One time during practice, one of my teammates was a little shy because she was new. So, I took her by the hand and said I will take you. I lead her to the coach and where the rest of our teammates were.” DJ’s kind and generous heart also motivated him to volunteer to pack meals for children, who would otherwise go hungry.

By sharing his story, DJ makes the world a more wonderful, colorful place -- showing Blossom Kids from around the world the amazing things that can happen when we have the courage to try new things, never give up, and act with kindness each day. That’s what makes him . . . BLOSSOM!

Shining a spotlight on Blossom Kids and their inspiring stories every month is one component of Poppy & Posie's ongoing #IAMBLOSSOMCampaign: A special campaign dedicated to celebrating the one-of-a-kind qualities that make each and every child Blossom.

To have your child take part in this campaign that inspires confidence and creativity, click here.

Have a Blossom Day! 🌸 Caroline & Katherine Brickley Sisters, Best Friends, and Co-Founders of The Blossom Company

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