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Blossom Birthday Party Ideas | Kids' Birthday Parties | Poppy & Posie Blossom

Are you planning an upcoming Blossom Birthday Party? Then you've come to the right place! We've got everything you'll need to transform your home into the Blossom Shoppe and throw the most wonderful, colorful birthday party ever.


How to Throw Your Own Blossom Birthday Party

Inspired by the award-winning picture book "The Blossom Shoppe"

Download & print the Blossom Birthday Party Guide


Your invitations are your guests' "first impression" of your party, and that's why we made sure to create Blossom Birthday Party invitations that were vibrant, welcoming, and fun! Mail these invitations to all of your family and friends to let them know that they are invited! And, if you're hand-delivering your invitations, make sure to pair each one with a flower to add an extra special touch.

More Ideas:

  • Blossoming Invitations: Looking for a unique invitation? Send your invites on seed paper -- a special type of paper that has seeds embedded into biodegradable paper and can be planted directly into the ground to grow beautiful blossoms. Not only is this a perfect invitation option when you're throwing a Blossom-themed party, but it will also nurture a love of gardening in your guests. This type of invitation is also a wonderful, environmentally-friendly alternative.

  • Seed Packet Invitations: Another unconventional invitation idea that celebrates flowers and growth are seed packet invitations. Let your guests know your party details while also inspiring them to grow wonderful, colorful flowers just like the Blossom sisters!

  • Video Invitations: Lights, camera, action! Take inspiration from Poppy & Posie's YouTube show and create a video invitation. Dress up as a Blossom Sister, write and rehearse a short script, and then set the scene for your Blossom Shoppe film shoot. Once your video has been recorded, save it to your computer (and edit it, if desired) and e-mail it to all of your party guests. Encourage guests to get creative and RSVP with a video, too!


Our printable decorations will help transform your home into Poppy & Posie's family flower shop! From the Blossom Birthday Welcome Sign to the Blossom Birthday Banner, you and your guests will feel as if you have all stepped straight into Poppy & Posie's wonderful, colorful world!

If you would like to make the environment feel even more like a flower shop, fill the party space with lots of fresh flowers and bouquets as well as other gardening items such as watering cans, flower pots, and seed packets.

More Ideas

  • Balloons & Streamers: Poppy & Posie's story is a celebration of perseverance, creativity, and COLOR! Decorate your party space with balloons and party streamers in all the colors of the rainbow.

  • Blossom Bedecked Balloons: Glue or tie flowers to the base of the balloon to add a BLOSSOM touch!

  • Decorative Books: Display copies of "The Blossom Shoppe" throughout the party space, perhaps even using them as centerpieces.

  • Balloon Weights: Tie the strings of your balloons to watering cans or flower vases to use as balloon weights. Fill the watering cans and vases with real or faux flowers.


The way to your guests' hearts is through their stomachs! For scrumptious snack ideas to serve at your event that you and your party guests will adore, check out the FOOD section in the Blossom Birthday Party Guide, which includes instructions on how to make the following:

  • Blossom Bouquets

  • Poppy & Posie-Corn

  • Wonderful, Colorful Fruit Cups

Also, to download and print Blossom Cake and Cupcake toppers to decorate all your sweet treats with, click here.

More Ideas:

  • Rainbow Veggies: Inspire a love of healthy eating through a rainbow vegetable spread. Arrange colorful veggies side by side on a platter in the order of the colors of the rainbow. For example: Red peppers, carrots, yellow peppers, broccoli/celery, purple cauliflower.

  • Edible Flowers: Decorate your party cupcakes, cake, or other tasty desserts with beautiful edible flowers.

  • Flower Pretzels: With just pretzels, chocolate, and rainbow-colored M&Ms you can make a delicious and colorful party snack! All you have to do is melt round pieces of chocolate on square pretzels then place the M&Ms into the melted chocolate to create flower designs. Wait for the chocolate to cool before eating!

Party Attire

If you're hosting a Blossom Birthday Party, you and your guests have lots of wonderful, colorful options to choose from when it comes to what to wear! For inspiration, check out the ATTIRE section in the Blossom Birthday Party Guide, which suggests you and your guests dress in the following for the big day:

  • Poppy & Posie costumes

  • Custom Blossom-inspired t-shirts (there are so many Blossom quotes and images to choose from!)

  • An outfit made up of all of your favorite colors!

Games & Activities

Watch happiness, laughter, and teamwork BLOSSOM amongst you and your guests when you all play some of Poppy & Posie's favorite games!

  • Pin the Petal on the Posie

  • Sprout, Sprout, BLOSSOM!

  • Silly Lily Limbo and/or Silly Lily Freeze Dance

More Ideas:

  • Coloring Activity: Coloring is a wonderful party activity that inspires both creativity and collaboration. Print out a copy of "The Blossom Shoppe" coloring packet for each of your guests to complete together. Completed drawings make great take-home goodies and are a perfect way to encourage kindness and diversity by displaying the finished artwork at the party and allowing guests to celebrate one another's work.

  • Blossom Cupcake Bouquet: Not only does Mama Blossom's Cupcake Bouquet make a perfect main dessert for a party, but it is also a BLOSSOM party activity. If your guests love to bake and design tasty treats, bake cupcakes prior to your party and when your guests arrive, engage them in a fun, cupcake decorating session by allowing each guest to decorate their own "blossom" cupcake, which will then become part of a colorful cupcake bouquet.

  • Storytime: Hold a special read-aloud of "The Blossom Shoppe" during your party. Encourage guests to take turns reading the story and ask questions throughout the storytime for an engaging story session that promotes creative thinking and a love of reading.

  • Act out "The Blossom Shoppe": This is the PERFECT activity for guests who LOVE performing. With a copy of "The Blossom Shoppe" in hand, have your guests act out the story of "The Blossom Shoppe." Assign roles, put on costumes, and gather an adoring audience (who are encouraged to throw flowers at the end of the performance to complete this special production). For guests that love music, turn Poppy & Posie's story into a musical by incorporating Poppy & Posie's hit songs into the performance. (Head on over to Poppy & Posie's YouTube Channel to find sing and dance-along versions of their songs)

  • Film Your Own Poppy & Posie Music Video: If your guests love to be on camera, then this party activity is a must! Choose one of Poppy & Posie's songs and choreograph your own dance to it. Then, set up the camera and film! Once you're all done, you'll have an amazing finished product to be proud of as well as a beautiful memory that will last a lifetime!


When you turn on Poppy & Posie's songs, your guests won't be able to resist singing and

dancing along! Head on over to the Blossom Sisters' YouTube channel and create a party playlist with their music! To download the Blossom sisters' songs, click here.


A Blossom Birthday Party needs Blossom goodies! Give your guests goodies that grow by giving them their very own signed copy of "The Blossom Shoppe" as well as a peat pot and flower seed packet!

More Ideas:

  • Poppy & Posie Dress-Up Costumes: Not only do Poppy & Posie's costumes make great attire for your Blossom Birthday Party, but they are a perfect goodie to inspire creative and enriching play long after your party ends.

  • Watering Can Goodie "Bags": Why use a plastic bag for your goodies when you can use a watering can? Not only is this a great way for guests to carry their goodies home, but it can be used again and again for gardening, making it good for the environment and for growing gardeners!


On our Fun & Games page, you'll find lots of other activities that you can put out for your guests to enjoy on the day of the party! Some of our favorite printable activities for parties include:

  • DIY "I am BLOSSOM" Poster

  • Poppy & Posie's Coloring Packet

  • Nature Scavenger Hunt

Capture the Moment!

We'd love to see photos of your Blossom Birthday Party! When you throw a Blossom Birthday of your own, take lots of pictures to capture the moment and share them with us by either sending them to our Blossom Mailbox or by tagging us on one of our social media accounts! #BlossomBirthday

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