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Flower Matching Game | Free Printable Online Activity for Kids

All around the world, spring is in full swing as flowers grow and bloom – filling our world with vibrant color. Encourage your child to celebrate the beauty and color of this special season, AND practice identifying colors, with our newest printable activity: The Flower Matching Game. Print and download here.

To play, simply start by downloading and printing out the activity. Once you have printed it out, grab some scissors and cut out each individual flower.

Now, the fun part begins! Have your child match the flowers to their proper stems. Color names are written at the top of each stem. Your child will place the flower of that same color on top of the stem, covering the word. As pictured below, the yellow flower was placed above the stem with "yellow" and the blue flower was placed above the stem with "blue." This fun and simple activity will help your child associate colors with their names and spellings.

After your child has matched each flower to their proper stem, take some glue to make their garden "grow!" The completed activity should look like this:

For even more spring-themed fun, pair this activity with a sing + dance along session to Poppy & Posie's hit children's song "Ring in the Spring." And if you're wanting more free, printable fun for kids, make sure to stop by our fun and games page.

Have fun and always remember . . . You are BLOSSOM!

Have a Blossom Day! 🌸

Caroline & Katherine

Sisters and Co-Founders of The Blossom Company

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