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SEL Mood Meter Printable Activity for Kids | Inspired by The Friendly Bookshelf

Can you guess what our most popular printable activity is? . . . It's our SEL Mood Meter Activity for our first book, The Blossom Shoppe! So we of course had to make one for our newest book, The Friendly Bookshelf!

What emotion are you feeling today? 😊😂🤪😎😔😭😡😱😑

Each day brings new emotions, whether they are our own or those of others around us. That is why it is so critical to engage children at an early age in activities which help them identify, understand as well as communicate the variety of emotions we all feel throughout our lives!

Bibli's SEL Mood Meter activity helps children build social-emotional skills by utilizing the Mood Meter to identify key emotions in the illustrations of The Friendly Bookshelf. The Mood Meter is commonly used in schools to help children identify and communicate their emotions. This activity puts this research-backed tool to practice in a fun way that nurtures empathy, emotional awareness, and, of course, excitement for reading!

Click the button below to download!:

TFB SEL Activity Identify emotions with Bibli
Download PDF • 9.84MB

Always be your-shelf! 📚

Caroline & Katherine

Sisters & storytellers for children (and children at heart! ❤️)


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