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KidTime StoryTime Reads The Friendly Bookshelf | Online Read Aloud for Kids

Last week we received an exciting surprise . . . a special new read-aloud of The Friendly Bookshelf is now available for kids all around the world!!

As you know, not too long ago, we also read The Friendly Bookshelf aloud on our own YouTube channel for the very first time. This time, Bibli's beloved story was read aloud by the one and on Eileen StoryTeller from KidTime StoryTime!

KidTime StoryTime is the original YouTube Read Aloud channel for kids. It is such an honor for The Friendly Bookshelf to be featured there alongside so many familiar favorites for kids and families!

We had so much fun listening to Eileen the StoryTeller and Pink Bear read The Friendly Bookshelf and if you’d like to listen to the read-aloud, too, click play on the video above.

Thank you, Eileen the StoryTeller, for helping share Bibli’s story and its meaningful message!

Always be your-shelf! 📚

Caroline & Katherine

Sisters & Co-Authors of The Friendly Bookshelf


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