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Students from Guam Perform Poppy & Posie's Christmas Song! 🎶🎄

“Have a good day, Blossom Family, from the Island of Guam!”

- Students of Adacao Elementary School in Guam

We received the most wonderful Christmas present this year! We were so excited to learn that Adacao Elementary School, a school located on the island of Guam, performed Poppy & Posie’s Christmas song, “What Christmas Means to Me,” for their annual holiday program. Take a look at the video above to see their amazing performance and beautiful message to all of us as they become the newest members of our “Blossom Family!”

Show us YOU are a part of our Blossom Family, too! Whether it be one child or an entire classroom of children, send us a video of them singing and dancing along to one of Poppy & Posie’s original songs to be featured across all of our platforms.

We are SO grateful to have someone like you be a part of this wonderful, colorful community of children, parents, teachers, and more across the globe all committed to inspiring a lifelong love of reading and helping all children BLOSSOM!

Have a Blossom Holiday! 🌸

Caroline & Katherine Brickley

Sisters and Co-Founders of The Blossom Company

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