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The Bibli Plushie is now available to preorder! 🎉

We are so excited to announce that Bibli Plushie is now available for preorder! Bibli is our very first reading buddy plushie out of what we hope will be many more to come.

Nearly one year ago today, we published The Friendly Bookshelf with the help of an amazing group of Kickstarter backers from all around the world. The Friendly Bookshelf is our second children's picture book and one very close to our hearts: Not only does it center around a lovable and absolutely adorable main character named Bibli that just so happens to be a bookshelf (making it the first book about a bookshelf!), but we wrote it in hopes of helping children recognize that each and every one of us has an important story to tell — a story worth being heard.

Illustration from The Friendly Bookshelf Picture Book

While it was a big dream for us at the time, we had always hoped to be able to release a Bibli Plushie alongside the picture book to make the reading experience even more engaging and immersive. We also believed that Bibli, a kind and comforting character, could offer young readers encouragement as they learn how to read, write, and find their unique voices. Thanks to the support of many, and after a year of product development, it feels surreal to finally be able to offer this special new plushie — the world's first-ever teddy bear of a bookshelf making it the perfect plushie for book-lovers of all ages.

If you’d like to preorder a Bibli Plushie of your own, please click the button below:

Always be your-shelf! 📚

Caroline & Katherine

Sisters & storytellers for children (and children at heart! ❤️)


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