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Just One More Week to Preorder The Friendly Bookshelf on Kickstarter!

Guess whose book is nearly fully funded on Kickstarter? This little bookshelf's! 📖 💗

We and Bibli couldn't be more excited and grateful to be bringing this book to life with you! If you haven't already, please stop by our Kickstarter page and join us in creating this special, one-of-a-kind story! Not only will Kickstarter backers be some of the first to receive the story and exclusive rewards, but they will be a part of the story — making it possible for us to bring it to bookshelves all around the world!

When we began writing the story of The Friendly Bookshelf more than a year ago, the story was originally about a magical bookshelf named Bibli that helped children find their stories. But as we revised and revised the story, something didn’t feel quite right. One day, as we imagined this little bookshelf sitting quietly in his library corner, we finally realized what it was: Bibli was helping others tell their stories, but what about his story?

In every sense, bookshelves take a place in the background: They carry the stories of others, but never has there ever been a story about a bookshelf (until now!). Through our work as educators, we have met many children, too many, that feel just like Bibli: In the background, unseen, unheard, and wondering if their story matters. Having experienced bullying as children due to what made us different, we understood all too well how they felt.

We wrote The Friendly Bookshelf to be a story that children could relate to, feel inspired by, and find a friend in through the lovable and comforting characters of Bibli and Cassie. It is our goal that The Friendly Bookshelf through its engaging storyline and research backing will help children to recognize the important story they carry within themselves and — just like Bibli! — develop the confidence to share it. We hope that this will help create a kind and inclusive community beyond the final page of the story where every child can feel that they belong.

We hope that this is a story that you would like to find on your own shelf (or to share with a bookshelf buddy!) and if it is, please consider preordering a copy through our Kickstarter campaign, which ends next Tuesday, July 6th, 2021!

Always be your-shelf! 📚

Caroline & Katherine

Sisters & Co-Authors of The Friendly Bookshelf


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