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Our Acceptance Speech! BOLD 10 Under 10 Awards

"We’d like to say thank you again to Binghamton University and it’s amazing faculty and staff for granting us this incredible honor and for always supporting us as we work together in our shared mission to contribute to our communities and build future leaders, creators, and changemakers with the work that we do. " - Katherine Brickley (Acceptance Speech)

Last Friday, the virtual ceremony for the BOLD 10 Under 10 Alumni Awards (Binghamton University) took place. The awards ceremony, which recognized 10 alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years and have already established themselves as leaders in their careers and communities, aired to an enthusiastic audience of Binghamton Bearcats (and beyond!) around the world!

"Each nominee demonstrated the ideals of this award: Being active in their communities through volunteerism, activism, or mentorship; making significant contributions to alumni engagement; and, overall, being a positive role model for current and future Binghamton Students." - Cara Triedel (Alumni Association Board Member)

We were so honored to give our BOLD 10 Under 10 acceptance speech alongside such an incredible group of Binghamton Alumni, who are using their unique talents and passions to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Click the video above to watch the full awards ceremony. To watch a shortened version, which includes an introduction from Binghamton University President, Harvey Stenger, and our acceptance speech, click below. Make sure to watch until the end of our speech to hear us make a special shout out to our incredible Blossom Family!

"While we are the ones accepting this award today, we we would like to share it with our incredible audience of Blossom Buddies whom we have the privilege of serving in our work, and whom inspire us in our work; for they, at their young ages, are already making the world a more more wonderful, colorful and kind place for everyone!" - Caroline Brickley (Acceptance Speech)


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