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The Final Cover Artwork for The Friendly Bookshelf is Revealed! 🎉

The final cover artwork for The Friendly Bookshelf is here!!! We hope you love the cover just as much as we (and Bibli!) do. While the cover is very special, we think what’s even more special about The Friendly Bookshelf is the meaningful story it holds beyond the cover, conveyed with beautiful text and illustrations on every page: a SEL research-backed story that will assure children and adults alike that we all have an important story to share. Thank you for your support which makes it possible to share THIS story and make sure to preorder a copy of your own on June 8th so that you can have this beautiful book on your own bookshelf by November!

Bookmark our Kickstarter page to be the first to know when our Kickstarter goes live next week.

Always be your-shelf! Caroline & Katherine Co-Authors of The Friendly Bookshelf

Co-Founders of Blossom

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