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The Friendly Bookshelf Animated Intro — Kickstarter Sneak Peek!

We are so excited to share this animated intro for The Friendly Bookshelf with you all! This enchanting animation will appear at the beginning of our Kickstarter video. And if you watch until the end, you’ll see a brand new mockup of the storybook.

While the cover art is not yet finalized, just like Bibli the Bookshelf, we are having lots of fun imagining what his storybook will look like when it’s finally brought to life! We can’t wait to share more with you when our Kickstarter campaign launches this June — but until then, continue to stay tuned for many more updates (and stop by our prelaunch page to bookmark the page and receive an instant update when the campaign goes live!).

Thank you to all the new friends who have recently joined The Friendly Bookshelf family over these past few weeks! It’s so exciting to have you all here to take part in this new journey, and we (and Bibli!!!) are so grateful for your support! Let’s make a book-mark on the world together!

Always be your-shelf! Caroline & Katherine Sisters & Co-Authors of The Friendly Bookshelf


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