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The Friendly Bookshelf Digital Kickstarter Rewards Have Been Delivered! 💌

We and Bibli are bursting with joy to share that digital Kickstarter rewards have been sent out just in time for our backers to enjoy over the weekend! One of those digital rewards includes The Friendly Bookshelf Ebook itself!!! 😱

It is still hard for us to believe that soon people all over the world will be reading Bibli's story — a story that was just an idea in our heads at the start of 2020. We do admit we're a little nervous for our second published book to be read for the very first time. But as Bibli's story shows us, while it can be hard to share the stories we carry inside, sometimes we just need one person to help us find the courage to share them. Thank you for being that person for us, and Bibli! ❤️

If you didn't have a chance to order The Friendly Bookshelf goodies during our Kickstarter campaign in June, stop by our store where all of The Friendly Bookshelf products are now available to preorder!

Always be your-shelf! 📚

Caroline & Katherine

Sisters & Co-Authors of The Friendly Bookshelf

Co-Founders of Blossom


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