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"The Friendly Bookshelf" Manuscript is Complete!

Woohoo! The final manuscript of "The Friendly Bookshelf" is complete! 🎉

We can’t wait for you and your little one to read this little bookshelf’s story together when it arrives on bookshelves big and small this fall! Being the first-ever story about a bookshelf, Bibli the Friendly Bookshelf’s tale is a true testament to how each and every one of us has a story worth telling. A story just waiting to be told. 📚❤️

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey as we bring this book to life together and make a powerful book-mark on the world with this story’s important message - now, more important than ever.

As always, thank you for growing with us!

Have a Blossom Weekend! Caroline & Katherine Sisters & Co-Founders of Blossom


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