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The Friendly Bookshelf Receives 5-Star Review from Common Sense Media!

We are incredibly honored to share that The Friendly Bookshelf has received a 5-star review from Common Sense Media! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Read the full review here.

Common Sense is the nation’s most trusted source of entertainment and technology recommendations for families and schools. Here are some key takeaways from Common Sense’s review of The Friendly Bookshelf:

“Parents need to know that The Friendly Bookshelf, by sisters Caroline and Katherine Brickley, is the story of an unlikely friendship between the brave bookshelf Bibli and a shy library visitor named Cassie. It explores themes of empowerment, friendship, empathy, and celebrating differences and representation. And it features a diverse cast of human and bookshelf characters. The social-emotional learning concepts in the book are supported by research to ensure it uplifts and inspires readers.

This is a wonderful social-emotional learning read for little ones. The Friendly Bookshelf tells Bibli’s story, but it’s meant to empower kids to be brave, kind, and inclusive. The story shows what it truly means to be a friend. Daniela Pérez-Duarte’s illustrations include warm, inviting tones and skillfully depict the characters’ emotions. Kids may want to share their own stories after reading the book and help others believe their stories are important, too. The Friendly Bookshelf offers important messages about the need for representation and diversity.” - Diondra Brown of Common Sense Media

To read the full review, visit The review also includes some wonderful questions that parents and teachers can use after reading to inspire meaningful conversations based on the story’s main themes.

It has always been one of our biggest dreams to have one of our stories in Common Sense's digital library and it is so surreal to see that The Friendly Bookshelf is not only included in this library, but recognized for "diverse representations, positive messages, and positive role models" by one of the organizations we admire most. Thank you Diondra K. Brown, LCSW for believing in our book and for the very thoughtful review of Bibli's story!

The review mentions that "the social-emotional learning concepts in the book are supported by research to ensure it uplifts and inspires readers." This research was made possible by Laura Zimmermann, PhD, the amazing owner of Tech Play Collaborative whose mission is to support positive child outcomes through partnerships with technologists, educators, policymakers, and other researchers. Thank you, Laura, for helping us bring this book to life and ensure that Bibli's story will meet its important mission!

Always be your-shelf! 📚

Caroline & Katherine

Sisters & Co-Authors of The Friendly Bookshelf


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