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The Friendly Bookshelf Team: Meet Ann!

We are so excited to introduce you to the next member of The Friendly Bookshelf Team: Ann Brickley or as we like to call her . . . our General “Momager.” Our mom, Ann, handles many of the most important aspects of bringing Bibli’s story to life: From assisting during photoshoots and record sessions to spearheading our marketing and publicity strategies, she’s a jack-of-all-trades! Plus, with a background in writing and literature, our mom has provided us with some of our most treasured feedback on the story of The Friendly Bookshelf – which we can’t wait to share with you! Not to mention, she is and has always been our biggest role model.

We will be sharing more about our mom, Ann, as well as the rest of the team behind the making of The Friendly Bookshelf, so make sure to follow along and join us as we work together to make a book-mark on the world with Bibli’s powerful story!

Always be your-shelf! 📚

Caroline & Katherine

Sisters & Co-Authors of The Friendly Bookshelf


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