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"The students loved it from beginning to end" — The Friendly Bookshelf Delights During Storytime!

Repost from @mrsmakesreadingfun: " Five stars for this lovely story! The Friendly Bookshelf arrived in our library- and we LOVED it! The students loved it from beginning to end- and they giggled and clapped for Bibli the bookshelf and HIS story A few predicted as we were reading… “don’t worry Bibli! THIS IS a book about a bookshelf” so cute! After, we decorated bookmarks & colouring pages all about Bibli & Cassie. "

Our week is absolutely made! We were so incredibly happy to see @mrsmakesreadingfun post about how she used The Friendly Bookshelf and its printable activities in her classroom for a fun interactive lesson. We loved getting to hear the children's insightful perspective on the story and how they even encouraged the main character, Bibli, along his journey!

Thank you so much, Crystal, for sharing and making The Friendly Bookshelf a meaningful part of your school library!

Always be your-shelf! Caroline & Katherine Sisters & Co-Authors of The Friendly Bookshelf


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