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Where Can You Preorder The Friendly Bookshelf? 📖

Where can you preorder The Friendly Bookshelf? Good question! From most of your favorite book retailers!

When we first began writing children's books, it felt like just a very big dream to have our books carried by some of our favorite retailers like Barnes & Noble. And, in fact, when we published our first book, "The Blossom Shoppe," we were the books only seller for quite some time! It still feels like a dream to know that our next book The Friendly Bookshelf is carried by the sellers in this image (and more!) and soon, The Blossom Shoppe will be, too!

Learn more about The Friendly Bookshelf and how you can give it a home on your own bookshelf by visiting!

Always be your-shelf! Caroline & Katherine Co-authors of The Friendly Bookshelf

Co-founders of Blossom


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