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10 Tips for Writing a Bestselling Children's Book

75 years and millions of copies sold later, Goodnight Moon remains one of the bestselling picture books of all time! 😱

While there is no guaranteed secret to reaching readers around the globe, there are a few common factors that bestselling children’s books often possess. So, if you’re hoping to write a story that will withstand the test of time and be enjoyed by generations to come too, consider the following when drafting your next picture book!:

1) Make your main characters one-of-a-kind and memorable both on the inside and the outside. Bonus points if they are animals (who doesn’t love to read about cute, furry friends?!)! E.g. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

2) Weave in humorous descriptions and dialogue. E.g. Dragons Love Tacos

3) Add elements of magic! E.g. How to Catch a Unicorn

4) Focus on universal and timeless themes that readers can relate to beyond childhood, from family to growing up. E.g. The Giving Tree

5) Play around with rhymes. But, make sure to work with editors to master the rhythm and meter of your piece before publishing it! E.g. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

6) Make it a bedtime story, as story time before bed is a timeless tradition! E.g. If Animals Kissed Goodnight

7) Make your book interactive whether that be by making it a pop-up book or a touch-and-feel book. E.g. Pat the Bunny

8) Focus on uplifting and inspiring your blossoming readers by speaking to their incredible potential! E.g. Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

9) Have your story take place in a fantastical setting and a world that will allow your reader’s imagination to take flight! E.g. Where the Wild Things Are

10) Write a story that YOU love! If you write a story that you love and one that speaks to you, it will surely touch others as well. And, soon, you’ll be hearing children say “I love this book!” too!

We hope you find these tips helpful! But all in all, if you are a children’s book author and your story has inspired kindness, confidence, and a love of reading in just one child, you are already a rockstar author to us!🤩 So, keep writing and making your book-mark on the world! ❤️

Always be your-SHELF! 📚

Caroline & Katherine

AKA The Brickley Sisters


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