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Grow a Garden of Kindness with the Blossom Sisters! | Free Printable Kids' Activity to Inspire K

Looking for a fun activity to do with your little one that will inspire creativity and cultivate kindness? Look no further than Poppy & Posie's Garden of Kindness activity -- a special printable activity designed to get kids engaging in acts of kindness each day to develop a lifelong appreciation for how being kind to others makes the world a more wonderful, colorful place.

So what’s a Garden of Kindness, you ask? And how can you grow one? Well, a Garden of Kindness is a DIY activity for kids and families where you grow a “garden” full of beautiful flowers of kindness by doing something kind each day. To grow a garden of kindness, all you need to do is . . .

  1. Download and print out Poppy & Posie's Garden of Kindness activity sheet by clicking here.

  2. Each day of the week, write down one kind act you performed that day inside the corresponding flower (for example, if on Tuesday you held the door open for a friend, write "Held the door for a friend" inside the flower labeled Tuesday).

  3. After writing down an act of kindness, color in the flower to make it BLOSSOM!

  4. Watch as your activity sheet grows into a beautiful Garden of Kindness.

By being kind to others, we bring happiness to those around us, ourselves, and in turn, make the world a kinder, more wonderful, colorful place -- and what better way to see this than by growing a wonderful, colorful Garden of Kindness! We encourage you to try growing not just one Garden of Kindness, but to turn Poppy & Posie's special activity into a family tradition where you write out a list of kind acts every Monday to inspire a week full of kindness. See how many gardens you can grow!

Need a few ideas to grow your first Garden of Kindness? Here are a few of Poppy & Posie's favorite ways to be kind:

  1. Hold the door for others

  2. Give someone a compliment (like "You are BLOSSOM!")

  3. Give someone a helping hand when they need it

  4. Leave happy notes for others to find (for example "You make the world a wonderful, colorful place!"

  5. Surprise a friend with a bright bouquet

  6. Send a letter to someone you love telling them all the things you love about them

  7. Download Poppy & Posie's "Thank Your Mail Carrier" activity and share it with your mail carrier to thank them for their service!

  8. Pick up litter

  9. Invite someone to sit with you for lunch

  10. Bake your family and friends a special treat

  11. Volunteer at a local charitable organization -- even better, invite your family and friends to join in, too!

  12. Surprise your family by doing a chore without being asked

  13. Donate old clothes and used books

  14. Throw your best friend a surprise Blossom Birthday Party

  15. Smile to those you meet

  16. And remember to always say "thank you" to others to show you appreciate their acts of kindness, too!

Make sure to share your Garden of Kindness to inspire others to be kind by using the hashtag #GardenofKindness or by sending a message to Poppy & Posie themselves by clicking here.

Have a Blossom Day! 🌸

Caroline & Katherine Brickley

Sisters and Co-Founders of The Blossom Company

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