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How it Started vs. How it's Going!

How it started vs. how it’s going!

In the first photo taken in 2014, we were in our second year of running our princess party business and were at the same time preparing to head off to college! After seeing first-hand the level of engagement interacting with their favorite film and TV characters inspired in children, an idea took root in our minds: A company that would produce original, SEL-centered stories AND take them off the page to allow children to interact with uplifting stories and inspiring storybook characters to nurture an excitement for reading and positive development.

In the last photo taken just a few weeks ago, we stand beside Bibli, the main

character of Blossom’s second picture book, The Friendly Bookshelf, who holds on his shelves our first picture book, The Blossom Shoppe (published in 2017), and is preparing to soon hold his own!

While a quick scroll shows you where we were 7 years ago and where we are today, there’s a long and beautiful in-between that can’t be captured as is the case with all of our journeys! We are so proud of what Blossom has grown into and couldn’t be more grateful for our growing Blossom Family who inspires us each day. It’s our greatest pleasure helping the children of the world grow into lifelong readers and empathetic leaders together, and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come!

As always, thank you for growing with us! Caroline & Katherine Sisters & Co-Founders of Blossom


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