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Meet Caroline: Co-Founder of Blossom!

Hi Blossom Family!

While we recently introduced ourselves as sisters and co-founders of Blossom to welcome our new followers to the family, we thought it would also be fun to introduce ourselves individually! Starting with . . . Caroline!

Caroline grew up in a bright yellow home filled with stories, music, love, and (what she likes to believe) magic. Exploring the woods surrounding her bright yellow home alongside her twin sister and their beloved pug, she would often come across ghosts by the name of “Judy,” fairytale creatures that lived in trees marked by moss, and ancient mysteries that only two twin sisters could solve. She never let go of her childhood wonder and curiosity and found her calling in creating inspiring story-based content for children (and children at heart!), which she feels fortunate to pursue every day through her work at Blossom. An award-winning children’s writer, singer/songwriter, filmmaker, and passionate creator of story-based children’s media that can be experienced in enriching and accessible ways, Caroline believes creative content has the power to inspire a kinder, more compassionate (and more magical!) world where every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Caroline! Stay tuned as next Tuesday we will be introducing you to Katherine: Blossom’s other co-founder and Caroline’s favorite creative partner and twin sister!

As always, thank you for growing with us!

Caroline & Katherine

Sisters & Co-Founders of Blossom

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