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Meet Katherine: Co-Founder of Blossom!

Hi Blossom Family!

Last week we introduced you to ½ of the Brickley sisters as well as Founders of Blossom. Today, we are introducing you to the other half of the leadership here at Blossom . . . Katherine!

Katherine has been creating characters and worlds of her own for as long as she can remember. As a little girl, she’d draw forests filled with purple-leaved trees and write stories about princesses that loved playing “balley ball” AKA volleyball! She’s also always been drawn to working with as well as educating children, and from an early age would insist on babysitting her twin sister, Caroline, as well as teaching her in a classroom Katherine had constructed within her home’s coat closet. She always knew that when she grew up she wanted to use her imagination each day to create positive, educational content and experiences for and with children. And, that’s exactly what she did! She feels grateful each and every day for the ability to pursue her passions, and for her family and her Blossom Family that share the same dedication to helping children grow into lifelong readers and empathetic leaders side by side as well as have joined Blossom’s efforts to make the world a more wonderful, colorful, and kind place for all. An award-winning children’s writer, content creator, songwriter, and child at heart, Katherine hopes the stories she tells through Blossom will inspire anyone at any age to embrace childhood and grow into more curious, kind, and compassionate individuals.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Katherine! If you’re interested in learning more about us or Blossom, feel free email us a question and we will be sure to answer!

As always, thank you for growing with us! 💗

Caroline & Katherine

Sisters & Co-Founders of Blossom


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