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The Friendly Bookshelf Receives AMAZING Reviews!

Thank you Tara for this incredible review of The Friendly Bookshelf!

We couldn’t be more excited that Bibli’s inspiring tale is already receiving wonderful feedback from children’s educators and publishing experts across the country.

In developing the story, we intentionally collaborated with the best editors, educational consultants, publishing experts, and more to ensure that The Friendly Bookshelf would be deserving of the important audience of children and families we have the privilege of serving through our work. With their help, we were able to, “... masterfully weave a treasure of a story that is relatable to all children…”; a story that we can’t wait to bring to your bookshelf this year! Preorder the book through our Kickstarter Campaign, starting June 8th!

Why are YOU excited to have The Friendly Bookshelf on your child’s bookshelf? Let us know in the comments below!

Always be your-shelf! Caroline & Katherine

Co-Founders of Blossom Sisters & Co-Authors of The Friendly Bookshelf


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