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Become Poppy & Posie's Penpal on National Penpal Day! -- Penpaling for Kids

Become Poppy & Posie’s Penpal tomorrow on National Penpal day!

Penpaling is a wonderful activity that allows for creative expression as well inspiring connection and empathy. Your little one can now become Penpals with the Blossom Sisters themselves by clicking here to sending a note straight to the Blossom Shoppe! Once your message is sent, the Blossom Sisters will respond within 2-3 days with a special, signed note.

Send Poppy & Posie a message here.

Poppy & Posie can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a Blossom Day! 🌸

Caroline & Katherine Brickley

Sisters and Co-Founders of The Blossom Company

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