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Picture Books About Libraries | Children's Book Recommendations 📖🥰

What could be more fun to read than books about libraries? We are excited to present this unique list of reads in appreciation of the magical places where favorite characters live, where we can travel the world and beyond, and where readers are inspired to become writers!

Have you ever read a book about a bookshelf? Our social-emotional learning children’s book is the first-ever picture book about the most lovable bookshelf you’ll meet at the library: Bibli! Alongside Bibli and his new best friend, Cassie, discover the importance of being your-shelf, for everyone has a story to be told—even a bookshelf!

Lola LOVES Tuesdays! Can you guess why? That’s when she visits the library! Join Lola and her mom as they embark on their weekly walk to the library and enjoy the wonders that a library card brings. Fans of Lola are sure to enjoy her other adventures, from Lola Loves Stories to Lola Reads to Leo.

Ms. Bronte, dinosaur and teacher extraordinaire, thinks books are delicious…literally! Her students love storytime with Ms. Bronte, but their herbivore teacher can’t help eating up their favorite reads. Will Ms. Bronte find an appetizing alternative? Enjoy this delight of a dinosaur tail—we mean tale!—and feast upon delectable words and illustrations!

That’s right: The Bad Seed loves going to the library! He finds the perfect book to check out, The Speedy Seed, and experiences the joy of connecting with a book like never before. But what’s this—he has to return his favorite book to the library? Help The Bad Seed learn why books are best shared with others and discover if he’ll find another new favorite read!

What would the library of your dreams look like? Alongside a giant, dragons, fairies, and a girl with a gigantic imagination, build and fill a library like no other with books…and everything from a playground to a sundae bar! Be on the lookout for the charming detail of which book is first read in this fantastical library!

It’s storytime, but the librarian, Mrs. Merryweather, is nowhere to be found! The children search the library for her and discover a bear with a librarian tag…a liBEARian?! The new librarian shares a bear-y special story with his eager audience. But where did he come from? Enjoy this engaging tale of a library where beloved books come to life!

When Mr. Hughes discovers a fishbowl waiting on the library’s steps and decides the fish could call the library home, Library Fish discovers a wonderful world of belonging on Mr. Hughes’ desk, in the bookmobile, and within the pages of books! When a snowy day prevents the library from opening, what adventures will Library Fish discover beyond her bowl? Stay tuned for the second installment of Library Fish’s adventures in The Library Fish Learns to Read, releasing in February 2023!

A delightful tale of Patience and Fortitude, the lion statues that guard the New York Public Library, Lost in the Library follows Fortitude’s efforts to find Patience within the maze of the library before sunrise! Written in rhyme and illustrated invitingly, readers will be drawn into Fortitude’s search, all while learning about what it is like to walk the halls of the New York Public Library. Readers who are familiar with the NYPL will recognize familiar details, and readers of classic children’s books may recognize which stories these lovable lions enjoy! For more Patience and Fortitude fun, check out Where Is Our Library?: A Story of Patience and Fortitude.

What if there was a library for animals to visit at night? Illustrated in a color palette that mirrors the dark of night and the glow of the stars and moon, The Midnight Library is a library that little ones will wish they could visit! Join the little girl who runs this library—with the help of owl assistants—and help the noisiest, saddest, and most unhurried of patrons before a new day begins!

Going to the library on a rainy day is the perfect, cozy activity! Join a young reader on her joyful library trip and make friends with familiar storybook characters along the way! For an even more immersive read, listen to the authors’ song that inspired The Library Book!

Has your little reader ever wondered why libraries have rules to follow? What would happen if you brought a circus to the library, promising to stay quiet? Find out if the circus succeeds in this humorous library adventure, and discover what entertains the audience more than acrobatics!

Do you love the smell of books? How about beautiful book covers? So does the Book Hog! Even though he may hog books from the library, he has a secret: he doesn’t know how to read. Will the Book Hog have the opportunity to love books even more by becoming a reader?

When a tornado takes the Littletown Library away, Nia is met with naysayers when she seeks to create a new library for her town. Undeterred, she recreates her favorite books and shares them across town with the help of a trusty wagon. Will Nia’s perseverance and creativity spark a new love for literature and libraries throughout Littletown? Make sure to read the inspiring author’s note after completing this story!

Dragons love the library! Unfortunately, fire and books do not mix well, and dragons are not allowed to visit. Will a persuasive library patron and a careful librarian come up with a solution for the library-loving dragons who put the books at risk?

Oskar the human and Theodore the bear are ready for their Saturday library trip! They pick up donuts with Dad and settle in at the library for a lovely morning of reading…then an angry, hungry monster appears! Will the five-headed monster eat all of the books—or worse, Oskar and Theodore—or will Theodore’s knowledge of monsters’ diets come in handy?

Is your budding reader ready to have a library card of their own? So is Pete the Cat! Join him as he explores the library and the depths of his imagination through reading! Where have books allowed you to travel?

The bats have been eager for tonight’s arrival—a librarian has left a window ajar, so they can fly through the shelves and read to their hearts’ content! Enjoy this rhyming tale of the oldest bats revisiting their favorite place and the littlest of bats experiencing the wonder of the library before they must depart!

Biscuit looks forward to visiting the library for Read to a Pet Day! Perfect for developing readers, this adorable story is sure to charm both book and pet lovers! Keep an eye out for the book Biscuit gets to read! To make your little one’s reading experience even more special, consider reading this tale aloud to a pet or finding out when animals can be read to at your local library!

Dear Librarian is the poignant story of a little girl whose family moved in with various relatives, so nowhere felt quite like home to her—until she found her place at the library. Written as a letter to the kind librarian who welcomed her in, the now-grown girl recounts the positive impact the library had on her life and career.

Inspired by her childhood, celebrated poet Nikki Giovanni crafts a celebration of the refuge that books and libraries bring! Along with the author, reflect upon the joy of simultaneously becoming someone else through your imagination while developing yourself through reading. After reading the author’s note, consider pairing A Library with Giovanni’s poem, entitled “A Poem for My Librarian, Mrs. Long (You never know what troubled little girl needs a book),” for additional enrichment.

The Brickley Sisters are proud to be Bookshop affiliates. If you choose to purchase through our book lists, we will earn a commission, and you will not only be supporting us, but an ethical way to shop for books. Thank you for supporting independent authors and bookstores! 🥰 Always be your-shelf! 📚


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