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Cozy Winter Picture Books | Children's Book Recommendations ☃️💙

Celebrate the wonders of winter with these lovely reads! Whether snow is falling outside your window or only within the pages of these books, we hope you enjoy the warmth of a comforting new read this season!

Cozy, a lovable musk ox, has the coziest coat to keep him warm at his icy home! On an especially freezing day, Cozy finds himself separated from his herd, but he isn’t alone for long! Desperate for warmth, other tundra animals, from lemmings and huskies to a snowy owl and an arctic fox, seek the shelter of Cozy’s coat. Join the animals as they learn the importance of sharing and treating one another with respect as they journey across the tundra together!

There’s a snow storm going on, so it’s time for a candlelit picnic and blanket forts! Sleep well, for everyone is ready to play in the snow when they wake! Along with the townspeople, greet your day with a newfound sense of wonder and joy by reading this beautiful book.

One boy dislikes winter—until he meets Jack Frost, the icy figure bringing frost to the world! The new friends enjoy building snowmen, playing a snowy game of hide-and-seek, and more. Have fun with this duo, but be careful to avoid mentioning warmth, for Jack Frost will disappear!

Today is such a gray day…or is it? One girl learns to see from the creative perspective of her friend, who believes that a snowy day is far from gloomy. Find pops of color within the cold weather and create a warm, cozy day to remember!

A wordless wonder, Winter will captivate the littlest of bookworms with illustrations of wintry scenes!

Last night, there was a blizzard! Lina wants to check on her grandmother, whose eyesight is fading, so she goes on a walk to visit Sitti! On her way, Lina discovers that snow can not only be seen, but that it can be heard in many ways, from the crunch of her shoes upon the snow to the scrape of a neighbor shoveling snow! Count along with Lina on her sensory journey and learn how Sitti experiences snow through her hearing in this snowy story.

Look! Do you see the polar bear? Where could he be headed? Perhaps to a cave? Follow the polar bear to find out! With this question to be answered, as well as unique artwork made of torn paper, A Polar Bear in the Snow is an engaging read!

Summertime isn’t the only warm season! From bundling up in layers to enjoying the coziness of a fire and eating hearty meals, there are many ways to find warmth during the cold of winter. Make this season cozier than ever with the new outlook offered by this book!

Part of a series about seasonal shifts, Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter describes a lovely way to embrace nature’s glorious changes! Bid goodbye to migrating birds and greet the snow that perches upon trees instead. Watch as colorful leaves fall and snowflakes become the confetti of the new season!

Explore the opposites that tell us that winter is here: soft snowflakes and solid ice, silence and sound, cold outdoors and warmer indoors!

Charles wants to see a wish tree, but his siblings don’t believe wish trees exist! Set off on a search for a wish tree with Charles and Boggan, his trusty toboggan, to find out if such a tree could be real!

Originally written as a poem for theater performances, The Shortest Day has been transformed into an illustrated book to welcome the arrival of the winter solstice! For an extra special reading experience, read this book on the shortest day of the year!

Have you ever seen an owl? One girl has looked forward to going “owling” with her Pa, and the night has finally arrived! Being as quiet and patient as possible, join this pair on their quest to spot an owl under the light of the moon!

Enjoy one of the most beloved snowy days in children’s literature with Peter and his delightfully curious outlook upon life!

Pinkalicious is doing her very best to be patient, but it still hasn’t snowed yet! The Pinkertons visit the coziest new shop in town, Maggie’s Gift Shop, and discover how Maggie makes snow globes! Inspired, Pinkalicious and family bring snow to their home by making snowflake cookies and paper snowflakes. But will real snowflakes fall this year in Pinkville? For snowy fun of your own, consider making winter-inspired cookies or crafts after reading!

Willow and her family have moved! Willow adores where she lives, and her neighbors love to share everything from seeds for Willow’s new garden to hats and mittens for Willow’s school drive. But as the seasons change, one neighbor has yet to have a change of heart: Mr. Larch, who lives at “The Cave.” Will Mr. Larch be willing to share the greatest gift by finally opening up his sledding hill to the neighborhood children this winter? Little readers will enjoy trying out the “Snow Day Dance” Willow and friends try out to summon snowflakes!

Unlike her mouse friends, Lucy loves to enjoy the snowy outdoors! She loves wearing her pom-pom hat, making snowmice, and even the feeling of frozen whiskers. But she would love to enjoy winter with her loved ones! When Lucy discovers the joy of skating on ice, will she be able to inspire her friends to give mice skating a try?

Explore all sorts of snow: the snow that barely lines the treetops, the kind that sends everyone home for a cozy day in, the snow that brings everyone out for a wintry day of play, and more! Revel in the beauty of snow and what it teaches us: to find gratitude in each moment.

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