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Picture Books to Inspire Gratitude | Children's Book Recommendations! 😄📚

Are you looking for the perfect reads on gratitude for the Thanksgiving season and beyond? We are pleased to present this collection of books centered upon giving thanks for friends, family, and so much more! We are grateful for YOU!

From writing a letter to a teacher to giving a treat to a kind neighbor, readers will discover reasons to be thankful and thoughtful ways to thank others in this beautiful collection of gratitude-themed poetry! As an additional activity of thankfulness, write a poem about a blessing that brings you joy!

Bear wants to gather his friends for a feast, but there is no food in his lair! Kindly animals generously share their bounties, but Bear worries that he has nothing to offer his friends. Will he learn that he has something to share after all?

Piggie wants to have a “thank-o-rama!” She sets out with her best friend, Elephant Gerald, to thank everyone she possibly can, but he warns her that she’ll forget someone important…and she does! Help Piggie make sure that one of her biggest blessings does not go unthanked!

Kiko is going camping! She is so excited for her field trip, but she becomes apprehensive when she learns that her family isn’t coming along. Join Kiko, Ms. Cooper, and her classmates as they work as a team, challenge their fears, and learn about gratitude! Grow Grateful is the perfect read to cultivate an attitude of year-round thankfulness.

Grace is thankful for a wonderful birthday party and the generosity of her friends and family! As she writes thank you notes to her loved ones, she realizes that there are many others to thank. Join Grace as she writes notes to her thoughtful teacher, cuddly pets, and even to the blue sky, then write a thank you letter—or several—to your own loved ones!

Bruce is making a feast for the animals of Soggy Hollow! His mice friends thank him for the apples—but wait, those were for the pie! The moose is thankful to dry off with the tablecloth—oh no, where will the feast go? Actually, where did the feast go…and will the animals find gratitude for nothing? This Thanksgiving tale is a funny feast itself!

From the delight of a ladybird landing on a hand to eating delicious noodles for dinner, this beautiful book will teach little ones to feel gratitude not only for large blessings, but for the tiniest of wonders in each day!

In this social-emotional learning story, Mina’s friends have the coolest belongings, bigger houses, pizza instead of leftovers…and Mina can’t help but think how unfair it is! When Mama sees how Mina is weighed down by what she doesn’t have, she wants to help her recognize what she does, so they create a gratitude jar! Just like Mina, consider writing or drawing something you’re grateful for each day, then read each one together on Thanksgiving—or throughout the year!

Duck and Hippo are ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, and Hippo has grand plans for a “good, old-fashioned Thanksgiving feast!” The friends invite thoughtful animals across town to their dinner, and Duck inspires everyone to bring a specialty dish to surprise Hippo. Will he learn to cherish his friends and their unique offerings when his plans for a traditional Thanksgiving meal go awry?

Introduce the importance of being thankful to the littlest of readers with this sweet story of a mother and child’s walk with their dog! Notice how the animals they encounter say “thank you,” from the wag of their dog’s tail to the appreciative whinny of a horse eating their carrot treat, then enjoy a thank you walk of your own!

Oh, no—Grizzly is lost! How will he find his way back home? Or, perhaps, will he find belonging with Bird and other new friends? With illustrations bursting with color and a story overflowing with lessons on gratitude and acceptance, How Grizzly Found Gratitude is a beautiful tale of discovering both a new home and perspective.

With stunning diorama illustrations and equally beautiful text, Thankful recounts a girl’s efforts to create a paper chain full of reasons she is thankful! Pair Thankful with a craft and create your own paper chain of gratitude!

Do you ever wonder what animals are thankful for? Adorable illustrations accompany words that are particularly fun to read aloud, from the “cro-oak-cro-oak” of a grateful Frog to the “swish-swish” of the Bear catching a fish!

Betsy and her beloved turtle, Mr. T, are learning about gratitude! When Betsy is feeling down, Mum gives her a special rock, the“Gratitude stone,” to remind Betsy to look for reasons to smile! When she meets a new student at school, will Betsy and the Gratitude stone help him find gratitude for his new home? And will Betsy learn that the power of thankfulness is within her, not the stone? Experience your very own gratitude journey by finding a Gratitude stone and reflecting on what makes you and your readers thankful with the included five-day gratitude journal pages!

Have you stopped to be thankful for plates, for grass, for pajamas and more? The Thank You Book is a lovely reminder for each reader that there are many beautiful blessings in our lives, and that life becomes even more beautiful when we are thankful for them!

Accompany a little girl and her dog across the farm as they reflect on reasons to be grateful and gather ingredients for a special treat: apple cake! If you and your little readers feel inclined to enjoy apple cake after you read, try out the included recipe!

Sometimes, gratitude is easier to cultivate alongside favorite characters! Join Olaf in Arendelle and experience joy with him as he gives thanks for everything from his carrot nose to the Northern Lights!

Complete with Eric Carle’s signature artwork and beloved caterpillar character, this charming story encourages a perspective of gratitude. With an optional page to inscribe “to” and “from,” Thanks from The Very Hungry Caterpillar makes for a beautiful gift for someone you are thankful for!

Would you like your reader to grow a grateful attitude for the food on your table, from Thanksgiving dinner to everyday meals? In Thank You, Garden, a community comes together to grow a garden full of berries, tomatoes, bees, and more! After reading, plant a seed of gratitude by reflecting upon the miracle of vegetables, fruits, and pollinators to be thankful for!

Listen as a community of animals gives thanks for everything from beautiful roses to “fires to warm our toeses,” then gather with them for a celebratory feast!

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