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Cozy Fall Picture Books | Kids' Book Recommendations 🍂📚

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Whether you live in the Northern Hemisphere and are celebrating the return of autumn, or perhaps you are looking forward to fall's return in the Southern Hemisphere, curl up with a comforting read that centers upon the beauty of one of the coziest seasons!

This gorgeously written and illustrated book is a fall essential! Enjoy a cozy view of how the harvest moon illuminates the night, pulls upon tides, and evokes awe.

A touching tale of a scarecrow rescuing and befriending the very creature he is meant to scare away, The Scarecrow centers upon a beautiful bond and teaches readers to embrace unique friends.

Bella loves to keep warm by wearing the beloved coat her Grams made! Bella's coat has seen better days, but she still adores it—what will Bella do when Grams makes a new one?

Little readers will be charmed by this tiny tale of Duck and Goose on their quest to find a pumpkin!

This lovely picture book will help little ones find the wonder in fall and keep its beauty in their minds long after the season ends.

Who is stealing the leaves from Squirrel's tree?! Is it Bird? Could it be Mouse? Help Squirrel discover why his beloved leaves are becoming sparse and to appreciate autumn.

Inch your way across this beloved caterpillar's latest adventure through a fall forest, a feast of pies, and perhaps even a pumpkin patch!

Brave little Acorn is a thrill-seeker! He loves when he falls from his oak tree and when squirrels toss him to and fro—but not when they try to take a bite! But what happens when Acorn finds himself experiencing a new adventure underground?

This wordless masterpiece will engage little ones with captivating autumnal illustrations!

Go on an exciting leaf hunt with an adventurous trio of friends and encounter a tall mountain, a dark forest, a waterfall, and more!

Cat, Duck, and Squirrel squabble when Duck wants to stir their scrumptious pumpkin soup. Will they reconcile their friendship? And, perhaps, will you enjoy a bowl of pumpkin soup as you read?

Is there such a thing as too many pumpkins? Rebecca Estelle thinks so! But pumpkins are persistent...will they ever change her mind?

Have you ever visited a farm in autumn? Visit Stony Meadow Farm as summer turns to fall and learn to embrace change with Tractor Mac and animal friends.

Join Little Elliot and Mouse on their travels from the big city to the even-bigger country. Play hide-and-seek and discover the delicious surprises of dessert and friendship that await Little Elliot!

Ed is in a bad mood that sweeps across his city in an ever-growing pile of leaves! This social-emotional learning book will help little ones learn how to handle negative emotions with care, all while enjoying leaf-filled scenery.

Experience fall like never before in this delightfully tangled-up tale filled with "Septobers" and "Octembers," leaves that rise instead of falling, and a whole hullabaloo of a season!

An autumn book like no other, Leaf Man showcases imaginative photos of leaves in playful formations, from geese to squash to Leaf Man himself! After reading, find a few leaves to arrange into shapes of your own!

Join Pete the Cat as he adventures through a corn maze, goes on a wagon ride, picks fresh apples, and finds out what he loves about autumn!

Jump into a pile of leaves and into an immersive world of whispering leaves, scurrying squirrels, honking geese, and even listening pumpkins!

Introduce the youngest of readers to the youngest of bears as he experiences the joys and surprises of his very first fall and hibernation!

Delight in Mouse and Minka's adventures with fall leaves of all colors and shapes! Read along as these adorable mice pile up, jump in, and run through the leaves, then venture outside to do the same!

Autumn is the loveliest time for leaves...and apples! Join your budding reader on a journey across the globe to gather apple pie ingredients while learning about each destination. Even more delectable when served alongside a baking lesson and a slice of pie!

Learn about why leaves change color and why birds, flowers, and sunlight may bid farewell during fall! Directions on how to make leaf prints, a festive autumn activity to enjoy together, are included.

Yellow Time will enchant young readers and the young at heart alike as yellow leaves weave their magic through whimsical words and illustrations.

Little Goose is ready for autumn! Read along as she searches for her place in the world and finds it in a welcoming flock headed south!

Marla Little’s pumpkin is on the loose! Join her fellow townspeople in a wild chase after her giant pumpkin and find out what delicious surprise they will transform the pumpkin into!

Leaf friends Birch and Oak are turning colors for the first time! The squirrels have told them to get ready to fall…quite literally! But Maple is still green…will she get to join the other leaves in their autumn activities?

Learn what "hygge" is alongside Olaf and other Frozen favorites, and celebrate the comfy, cozy moments of doing what you love with those you love! Next, brainstorm what will bring you "hyggeligt" feelings to enjoy together this fall!

Big Bear’s sneezes are powerful enough to make leaves fall from trees and send geese flying south! Or is it actually Big Bear setting autumn into motion—and how will Wind finally convince him to hibernate?

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