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Halloween Picture Books: Part 2! | Children's Book Recommendations 👻

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Our second installment of Halloween books is all treats and no tricks! From picture books about witches, ghosts, pumpkins, and even snowmen, this collection of sweet stories has just the right touch of spookiness to enjoy with young readers this Halloween!

Illustrated in black and white with pops of pumpkin-y color, Stumpkin follows the sweetest stemless pumpkin as he awaits the excitement of being taken home to be carved into a jack-o-lantern! But Halloween is almost here, and he still hasn’t been chosen, unlike his friends…will Stumpkin have a happy Halloween after all?

Larry thinks monsters live at the house he’s afraid to visit on Halloween! Help him push the doorbell, then find out what surprises are behind the door!

Accompany three friends on their quest for a pumpkin! Vibrant illustrations invite readers into a slightly spooky world where the friends encounter cats, bats, and perhaps even a haunted house, where they meet a ghost friend! Will they find a pumpkin together?

Duck and Goose are excited to go trick-or-treating, but they’re a bit afraid of the swamp monster Thistle warned them about! What will happen when they bravely encounter the monster while trick-or-treating?

This charming lift-the-flap book is the perfect story for a little one’s first Halloween! Join The Very Busy Spider on her search for her friends on Halloween night. Eric Carle fans may discover a familiar character to be one of The Very Busy Spider’s friends!

Uni the Unicorn has planted and tended to her garden with care, and she and her friends are eager for the pumpkins to grow! However, there’s a mystery to solve: the pumpkin blossoms have holes in them, the fence has been damaged, and Uni’s friends believe they spotted a ghost! Who is causing mayhem in the garden? Join Uni as she faces her fears and works to save her pumpkins!

Written in delightful rhyme, Christopher Pumpkin’s tale of embracing what makes you stand out is sure to charm children and adults alike! A witch brings him and other pumpkins to life as spooky decor, but they all find him to be too sweet of a pumpkin, so the witch threatens to turn him into soup if he doesn’t find out how to be spooky! Will Christopher Pumpkin find out how to scare them all by being himself?

One little ghost is different from all of his friends and family because he is a quilt, not a sheet. Sometimes he is called Scrappy, which makes him sad, and he can’t swoop around like the other ghosts. But he looks forward to Halloween, the night when he feels celebrated! What will happen when he is mistaken for merely a quilt and joins a little girl on her Halloween adventures?

Is it snowing where you live, and you're wishing to feel the Halloween spirit? Or perhaps you’re looking forward to the snowy season's arrival? If so, Snowmen at Halloween is the perfect read for you! Enjoy an imaginative Halloween night filled with the snowmen’s delight!

A Halloween classic, Room on the Broom describes the adventures of a witch and her cat as they meet new animal friends who seek a broomstick ride after rescuing the witch’s flyaway belongings. What will happen when there is no longer room on the broom and the witch finds herself in a dragon’s clutches?

On a Christmas tree lot, all of the trees are thrilled to be taken home and decorated! Well, all except for one miserable tree, who longs to be away from decorations and people. As time passes and the tree lot becomes a neighborhood, the grumpy tree becomes a beloved fixture in his yard—but only to the children. Will they be able to save him from their parents’ plans to remove him, and will the tree find what truly makes him shine?

Have you ever wanted a friend who will stay by your side forever? By following one special friendship between a ghost and a girl from her childhood to ghosthood, this book will show you how to care for a ghost and how your ghost friend will care for you in return.

In this hilarious tale, a witch prepares to make her favorite recipe: Frog Soup! Join the witch on a wild frog chase and find out if she succeeds at catching the needed spoonful of frogs!

This bewitching book will draw young readers in with its bright orange, black, and white illustrations and clever tale about a young witch who works to catch all of the ghosts in her new haunted house!

All of the pumpkins in the patch are looking forward to being selected and carved with spooky faces! One little pumpkin worries that he won’t be chosen. After all, he’s a smiley pumpkin, not a scary one! Will someone accept him as he is?

Oh no! Little Ghost cannot find the very thing that makes her scary! Wherever will she find her “boo”? She asks for help from the animals who go “whoo,” “coo,” “cock-a-doodle-doo,” and “moo,” but those sounds simply won’t do for a ghost. Can you help Little Ghost regain her “boo”?

Frankenstein may actually be a small, young monster, but he wants to be as menacing as he has been made out to be! On one cold Halloween night, his Franken-mama helps him get all bundled up, but he refuses. After all, no monsters would willingly make their appearance more cuddly…or would they? Will Frankenstein learn to turn a chilly, miserable evening into a cozy night with monster friends?

In this chapter book for budding readers, Wendy is scared of her sisters, who aren't the kindest of witches. With the help of a new friend, will Wendy discover that she has plenty of witch power and bravery to show her sisters that she is more capable than they believe?

Give Me Back My Bones! is a skeleton-centric story to enjoy during spooky season and beyond! Little ones, particularly pirate fans, will joyfully join this skeleton on his search for treasure—his bones—across the ocean, all while learning bone terms!

Introduce the littlest of readers to one of the most beloved Halloween tales of all time while awaiting the Great Pumpkin's much-anticipated arrival with Snoopy and friends!

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