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Be in Poppy and Posie's Next Episode!

Calling all Blossom Boys & Girls! YOU can be a part of Poppy and Posie’s upcoming Thanksgiving episode by following the steps below! (Make sure to receive your parent’s permission):

  1. Think about what you are most thankful for this year.

  2. Have a grown-up record you talking about what you are most thankful for and why. This video should be between 10-15 seconds long. For example: “I am thankful for my family because of the love they give me every day!”

  3. Share your video with us by posting it to YouTube using the title “Poppy and Posie’s Thanksgiving Video submission | #IAmThankful” or email it to Reach out to us if you have any difficulties with either.

  4. Videos must be shared no later than Wednesday, November 14th for a chance to be featured in the episode.

Have fun in creating your video and make sure to let your colorful personality shine! Dress up, use props, smile big, and, most importantly, be yourself, because of course . . . you are blossom!

Have a blossom day! 🌸

Katherine and Caroline

Co-founders of The Blossom Company

Co-authors of "The Blossom Shoppe"

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