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Halloween Picture Books: Part 1! | Children's Book Recommendations 🎃

Are you and your little readers looking for some sweet and slightly spooky books to enjoy together? These books follow the stories of humans, animals, and other lovable creatures as they develop patience, build excitement, and face their fears to enjoy some ghoulish fun during the Halloween season and beyond!

Boo Stew

Curly Locks loves to cook! Unfortunately, her batwing brownies and other creations don’t appeal to others—until she meets the Scares that are causing mayhem in the mayor’s house! Will Curly Locks’ bravery and cooking save the day?

Halloween Is Coming!

Are you on the lookout for the Halloween spirit? Search for it from atop a hay bale castle, during a school costume parade, throughout the candy store, and more! Soon, Halloween will go from being near to being here!

How to Catch a Witch

A witch has invited all of her ghoulish friends to the neighborhood! Work with trick-or-treaters to trap the witch and prevent Halloween candy from being stolen! But, perhaps, will we find the spooky visitors to be good company?

Sir Simon: Super Scarer

Sir Simon Spookington is the “ghostest with the mostest,” and he has been assigned to his very first haunted house! When he meets an eager boy named Chester, what will happen when Sir Simon assigns “Ghost Chester” to do his ghost chores and tries his ghost hands at human chores instead?

Witch's Brew for Me & You

Join Nana as she works magic in the kitchen with her granddaughter to turn dinnertime into an imaginative adventure! Don a witch’s hat instead of a chef’s hat as stew becomes witch’s brew, and don’t forget the magic ingredient: teamwork!

Where's My Mummy?

Little Baby Mummy does not want to go to bed! Instead, he wants to play his favorite game, “Hide and Shriek,” but Little Baby Mummy hides a bit too well and loses track of his Mummy. Alongside others, from Bones the skeleton to Drac the vampire, help Little Baby Mummy find his Mummy and get ready to be wrapped up for bed more tightly than a mummy!

The Runaway Pumpkin: A Halloween Adventure Story

One little pumpkin wants to go exploring on Halloween! He dreams about visiting a haunted house, about dancing at a Halloween party, and more! Enjoy this heartwarming story of the little pumpkin discussing his exciting plans with his mama pumpkin and being supported in each one of his dreams!

Pinkalicious: Pink-or-Treat!

Pinkalicious is so excited for Halloween…until the power goes out and a storm cancels everyone’s trick-or-treating plans! She dresses up as a superhero, Pinkagirl, and brainstorms how Halloween in Pinkville can still be enjoyed. Will she save the night?

The Teeny Tiny Ghost

The teeny tiny ghost is afraid of Halloween! Although he does his best on his haunting homework, this tiny ghost fears that he will never learn how to scare anyone besides himself. When spooky noises at his door make the tiny ghost and his tiny cats afraid, will he discover his ghostly skills and the bravery within himself?

The Berenstain Bears Trick or Treat

Brother Bear and Sister Bear are going trick-or-treating with their friends instead of their parents for the very first time. Excited and a bit nervous, they plan their route, hoping to exclude the mysterious Miz McGrizz’s spooky house! Will they learn what Mama Bear has taught them: appearances are not always as they seem?

Spooky Pookie

Pookie is excited to go trick-or-treating tonight, but whatever will he wear? Little readers will enjoy seeing all of the costumes Pookie tries on and finding out which one he selects!

Happy Halloween, Corduroy!

This short and sweet story about the beloved bear Corduroy’s Halloween will charm young readers! Join Corduroy as he goes to the pumpkin patch, prepares for trick-or-treaters, parties with his friends, and more!

Ghost Afraid of the Dark

Boo the ghost has a big fear of the dark! Witch, Frank, Dracula, Werewolf, and Mummy help their friend learn why they love the dark, and Boo begins to love nighttime as well! As they celebrate his bravery and Halloween together, discover the surprise that Ghost has in store!

The Crayons Trick or Treat

The Crayons have never gone trick-or-treating! They visit their first house, but everything goes wrong. What do they say? What do they do? Help the Crayons successfully trick-or-treat and have a special Halloween together!

Clifford's First Halloween

How does Clifford celebrate Halloween with his family? Reminisce with Emily Elizabeth about her giant red dog’s very first fall as a puppy!

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